Kelly & Dave's Wish for a Wedding

The story so far: 

Meet Kelly & Dave.  15 years ago, they sadly lost their little boy at just 9 days old.  Just a month after, they decided to get married quickly and did so on a small budget.  It was not the dream wedding they'd hoped for.  Kelly is now 39 years old and lives in Brecon Beacons with Dave and their two young sons aged 4 and 10. 

As if they had not already suffered enough tragedy, Kelly was recently diagnosed with stage 4 terminal ovarian cancer that has since been re-diagnosed as a rare gallbladder cancer with secondary ovarian cancer that has spread to many other areas.  As a result, her sister-in-law, Meghan, reached out to Wish for a Wedding to help organise a vow renewal before it's too late.

Having seen numerous doctors over the last year, Kelly was brushed aside and her symptoms put down to 'anxiety'.  Tragically,  after months of persistence, Kelly finally had an MRI scan and blood tests on 15th January 2018.  She was told she had stage 3 ovarian cancer.  A few weeks later, Kelly was told it had progressed to stage 4 terminal cancer!

Kelly doesn't want to know how long she has left and just wants to make the most of her time.  Dave is a Sergeant Major in the Army and was due to be promoted the day Kelly found out that her cancer had spread.

They miraculously and bravely decided that all that mattered was the enjoyment of each and every moment they had left together, not counting down the days.  Their story reached Ed Sheeran and he responded with a video message to make Kelly smile and then a SECOND one to say hello to her little boys and invite them to one of his Cardiff shows!

Wish for a Wedding and Bisous d'Amour: The Wedding PA are overwhelmed by the support of the public.  It is your generosity that has enabled Kelly, Dave, and their family to have one last special day to renew their love, create lifelong memories, and to give Kelly the dream wedding she'd always hoped for. 

With a combination of rainy day savings and your incredible donations of time, products, services, and Crowdfunding, this wedding day is going to far exceed anything that Kelly & Dave could have otherwise hoped for.      

The date is 23 April 2018 and the venue is Buckland Hall, Brecon.  

Community spirit, kindness, and generosity are so important at these times and there's bags of it out there as you can see from the growing list of contributors to this amazing second chance wedding.  

To all those who have offered to help with amazing customer service, discounts, donations, time, and kind words; Kelly & Dave thank you all from the bottom of their hearts.  You are amazing!  

We are still looking to add some finer detail to the day, so if you'd like to join #teamkellyanddave please email me using the button below or give me a call on 07525723701.

We are still on the hunt (and not necessarily by way of donation) for wedding favours, a band, a candy floss machine, and perhaps ice-cream. 

We will of course keep you all updated and thank you again for all your support in all the different forms you have given it!

Kelly & Dave, Ava (Bisous d'Amour), and Rachael (Wish for a Wedding)! 


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Cannot believe what I have just read on the link page so sorry to hear the sad news our love and thoughts are with you all xxx
— Ann Waite
Dear Kelly and Dave,
I have sadly been in your position but I did have an amazing wedding day in-between my husband’s remission. Fill your renewal day with as many happy memories as possible. I hope the sun shines brightly and warmly on you both.
Sending you extra strength and looking forward to seeing some no doubt beautiful pictures.
Kindest regards
— Sheena Sheppard