introducing name & a dress

 Jennifer Riley 

Jennifer Riley 

Name & A Dress needs no introduction; just look at these wonderful wedding day illustrations.  Yes, that's my wedding day!  Mathieu and I were beyond excited when we received our illustrations and I may have done a little happy dance.  Okay, okay, I definitely did do a little happy dance. 

As soon as I calmed down, I left Jennifer a very high-pitched and excited thank you voicemail.  We had a good giggle about that!  

The montage was the first thing we saw at the top of the hard backed, ribbon-tied portfolio.  It was on crisp white paper, and screamed "frame me now".  We are now on a mission to find a gorgeous frame to do it justice.   An extra copy will accompany me to client inspiration sessions so if you want to try before you buy, you absolutely can.  The digital images are great but they have nothing on the real thing!  

Behind the montage was even more magic; the original illustrations on locally sourced Bockingford watercolour paper.  They were colourful and vibrant with lots of texture and they brought all the emotion and joy of our nuptials back.  There were kisses of love in the Bisous d'Amour household!   

I want one, I hear you shout.  Well good news, you can have one, or two, or three, or as many as you like!   

Name & A Dress offer live on the day illustration that can be tailored to you.  For ease, there are some predefined packages but they're by no means the only services available and are designed as a starting point only.  They all include a montage artwork print (like mine above *swoon*) as well as the original illustrations and you can order more prints too (my mother-in-law, the chic French lady in the sunglasses, can't wait to get her hands on one!):  

Ceremony Package
3 hours of time - 3 sheets

Reception Package
5 hours of time - 4 sheets

Celebration Package
8 hours of time - 6 sheets

We all strive to find something a little out of the ordinary or extraordinary on our wedding day and Name & A Dress are both of those!  Not only does live illustration offer a great talking point, it also offers you a beautiful forever piece of original art capturing the essence of your day, as it unfolds.  Every household needs one!  

Here's another illustrated wedding day, if you're not already impressed enough; this time in Bath and featuring a boat, no less! 

As well as live wedding illustration, Name & A Dress can illustrate your special day from photographs after the event, and they also offer a bridal illustration focussing on your amazing wedding dress or suit. 

Not only can you choose to add Name & A Dress to your on the day dream team, they can also offer your bridal party, groomsmen, and/or family a sensational alternative gift idea.  What's more thoughtful and sentimental than gifting your loved one a personal piece of art!  Stick it on your gift list or send a not so subtle hint to your other half in the run up to your anniversary!   

Want to know more?  Of course you do!  Head on over to the website and say hello to Jennifer; she's great, I promise. 

There are Bisous d'Amour client preferential rates available too; tadaaaa! 

It really is all in the detail!  

Bisous bisous 

Ava x