We genuinely and passionately want to help you have a seamless wedding day and enjoy the build up.  We want to save you the pitfalls that one only learns when they've planned multiple weddings. We pride ourselves on impeccable customer service and attention to detail and yes, perfectionism is the flaw that we'd discuss in an interview! 

You might not realise it yet,  but you'll soon find yourself juggling expectations from two families, negotiating with and managing lots of suppliers you hope you can trust, and wondering where what you want got lost along the way.   

Our team have experience of big city life and appreciate that time is a precious commodity.  We've done the all nighters and we've worked endless weekends in a row; we get it!  And yes, we survived on sushi delivered to our desk too.  

If you're not yet overwhelmed, fantastic, we can help make sure you don't get there.  If you are at overwhelm, don't worry, we can help you claw back some control. 

We are not phased by (and have experience of) stepping into the process last minute, so do check our late availability. 

Finally, we plan weddings based on an empowerment model and our overriding ethos is: your wedding; your rules!  Interested?  Of course you are.  Jump in and meet the team...