It's no secret that wedding planning is stressful.  You're juggling expectations from two families, you're negotiating with and managing a load of suppliers you hope you can trust, and what about what the couple want?  It's okay to feel overwhelmed.  That's where I come in. 

You don't have to book me from start to finish and you don't have to relinquish control.  We can work together to design a service that suits you and your budget.  The Wedding PA is a flexible and affordable alternative to a traditional wedding planner and I offer flexible payment plans, because we all know how expensive weddings can be!  

I make it my duty to know the wedding industry inside and out and to work with suppliers regularly.  I want to tell my clients that they're tried and tested and that I trust them.  This makes my services invaluable to even the most organised of couples.  Additionally, many of my Trusted Suppliers offer my clients preferential rates and so there are savings to be had too.

I don't follow "trends".  If you like a trend and it resonates with you, great, but don't be fooled into following the crowd, well, just because!  I work with couples who want to get married in their jeans through to couples who prefer a more traditional wedding.  My ethos is simply: your wedding; your rules! 

I have heard so many couples say "do I really have to have that?!"  No, you don't!  Ignore everyone that attempts to convince you otherwise.  Let them sell and promote the same wedding that's been re-done a thousand times.  Part of my service is to empower you to decide what YOU want.  Let's face it, all you need for a wedding is a registrar and the couple.  Everything else is optional.  Go on, I dare you to do it your way!  

Bisous bisous 

Ava x


I booked Ava for two hours to help me draft my falling in love story because I love how she writes throughout her website. She’s now my “indefinite” Wedding PA and her support has gone way beyond the initial instruction. Her write up did our story justice and I was thrilled and tearful when I read it. She’s now building our wedding website and I can’t wait until after my wedding to rave about her, I have to do it now. I recommend her without hesitation. She goes above and beyond and is full of amazing ideas!
— Tara McGowan
Ava was like that rare bridesmaid that thought only of the bride and groom on their day. She supported us from start to finish and even after the big day. If you want someone to empower you, to take away the stress when you’re too busy, and someone who really hears you, book her now! We highly recommend her whether it’s for an hour to ease the load or for the whole thing. You won’t be disappointed!
— Mr & Mrs Prescott
I worked with Ava for a little over 4 years. Ava is hardworking, reliable and passionate about her work and beliefs. She is honest and fights for what she believes in. She’ll champion and advocate for someone or something that she believes in and does it with integrity. Ava has a good moral compass and is always striving to make her environment a better place for herself and others.
— S Tsikata
I have known Ava for nearly 5 years now. She is a true perfectionist and puts her heart in everything she does. Each time I have had the chance to work with her, I have been struck by the passion and professionalism that drive her.

She is someone who fundamentally cares about doing what’s right - meaning she can be trusted not to cut corners and to be fully dedicated to the task at hand.
— A Charpentier